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The effect of a chelator mediated Fenton system on activation of TMP fibers and decolorization of synthesized dyes2023International Research Group on Wood PreservationQian, Y.
Goodell, B.
Jellison, J.
Testing of Intermediate Scale Floating Wind Turbines in the Gulf of Maine: Testing Effort Overview, Seabed Investigation, Metocean Analysis, and Environmental Impact Assessment2023WINDPOWER 2011 Conference and Exhibition, American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), Anaheim, CA, May 22- 25, 2012Viselli, A.
Deese, H.
Landon Maynard, M.
Dagher, H. J.
Jumars, P.
Lindyberg, R.
Response of Concrete-Filled Tubular FRP Arches to Construction-Induced Loading2023Proceedings of the 2012 International Bridge Conference, Engineers Society of Western Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, PA, June 12-13, 2012Davids, W. G.
Walton, H.
Clapp, J.
Lopez-Anido, R.
Goslin, K.
Dagher, H. J.
Property changes of wood-polypropylene composites due to extended moisture cycling2023Proceedings of 10th International Conference on Wood and Biofiber-Plastic CompositesCheng, Q.
Muszynski, L.
Shaler, S.
Wang, J.
Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Fracture Mechanics of Concrete and Concrete Structures (FraMCoS-9).2023Saouma, V.
Bolander, J.
Landis, E. N.
Physical Model Testing of The Tetraspar Demo Floating Wind Turbine Prototype2023Borg, M.
Viselli, A.
Allen, C.
Fowler, M.
Sigshoj, C.
La Rosa, A.
Andersen, M.
Stiesdal, H.
Optimization of a Lightweight Floating Offshore Wind Turbine with Water Ballast Motion Mitigation Technology (3)2023MDPIRamsay, W.
Groupee, A.
Allen, C.
Viselli, A.
Kimball, R.
Observations of ink penetration into coated paper with confocal scanning laser microscope (2)2023Proceedings of International Printing and Graphic Arts ConferenceOzaki, Y.
Bousfield, D. W.
Shaler, S. M.
Numerical simulations of offshore wind farms considering accident scenarios2023Non-Destructive Testing and Condition Monitoring in Wind Energy, Elsevier PublicationsJiang, Z.
Verma, A. S.
Marquez, F. P. G.
Microtomographic investigations of damage in wood composites2023Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference of the European Society for Wood MechanicsLandis, E.N.
Shaler, S.M.
Muszynski, L.
Cheng, Q.