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Hollow-magnetite/MXene nanohybrids with unique coral-like structure for electromagnetic wave absorption2024Journal of Alloys and CompoundsJiang Guo
Xinyi Zhao
Zhuoran Chen
Manal F. Abou Taleb
Mohamed M. Ibrahim
Zeinhom M. El-Bahy
Juanna Ren
Wenling Wu
Yingxin Zhang
Evan K. Wujcik h i
Hua Hou f
Jianfeng Zhu
Zhanhu Guo
Improving the Recyclability of Polymer Composites With Cellulose Nanofibrils2024Journal of Polymers and the EnvironmentKatie Copenhaver
Bivek Bista, Lu Wang
Samarthya Bhagia
Meghan Lamm
Xianhui Zhao
Mehdi Tajvidi
William M. Gramlich
Amber M. Hubbard
Caitlyn Clarkson
Douglas J. Gardner

A middle school investigation into developing environmentally friendly packaging2024Science ActivitiesTracy N. Vassiliev
Douglas J. Gardner
David J. Neivandt

Fast Analytical Homogenization for Large Scale Additive Manufacturing2024Proceedings of SAMPE 2024Christopher C. Bock
Brett Ellis
Masoud Rais-Rohani
Experimental validation of a Kalman observer using linearized OpenFAST and a fully instrumented 1:70 model2024Wind EnergyIan Ammerman
Yuskel Alkarem
Richard Kimball
Kimberly Huguenard
Babak Hejrati

A closer examination of white-rot fungal mycelia assisted wood bonding2024RSC Applied InterfacesWenjing Sun
Islam Hafez, Barbara J. W. Cole, Medi Tajvidi
In-situ particle analysis with heterogeneous background: a machine learning approach2024Scientific Reports Adeeb Ibne Alam
Md Hazifur Rahman, Akhter Zia
Nate Lowry
Prabuddha Chakraborty
Md Rafiul Hassan
Bashir Khoda

Identification of percolation threshold of spray-dried cellulose nanocrystals in homopolymer polypropylene composites2024Journal of Applied Polymer ScienceXueqi Wang
Pixiang Wang
Shaoyang Liu
Ke Zhan
Brian Via
Tom Gallagher
Mathew Smidt
Douglas J. Gardner
Thomas Elder
Yucheng Peng

Estimating the remaining service life of in-situ grouted post-tension anchors using flaw tolerance limit plots2024Engineering Failure AnalysisChristopher M. Abela
Eric Landis
Polymer nanocomposites from the surface energy perspective: a critical review2024Reviews of Adhesion and AdhesivesGardner, D. J.
Blumentritt, M.
Kiziltas, A.
Kiziltas, E. E.
Peng, Y.
Yildirim, N.