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Crack-Parallel Stress Effect on Fracture of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Revealed by Gap Tests2024Journal of Engineering MechanicsLinfei Li
Boning Wang
Houlin Xu
Hoang T. Nguyen
Zdenĕk P. Bažant
Mija H. Hubler

Biodegradable and recyclable bio-based laminated films of poly (lactic acid) and cellulose nanocrystals for food barrier packaging2024Food Packaging and Shelf Life, Vol. 42Cong Chen
Lu Wang
Siamak Shams Es-haghi
Mehdi Tajvidi
Jinwu Wang
Douglas J. Gardner

Performance characterization of plywood panels bonded with melamineurea-formaldehyde resin and cellulose nanofibril/borax as an additive2024Universidad del Bio-Bio maderas: Ciencia Y TecnologiaMert Yilidrim
Zeki Candan
Turgay Akbulut
Douglas J. Gardner
Stephen M. Shaler

Deep Learning-Based Steel Bridge Corrosion Segmentation and Condition Rating Using Mask RCNN and YOLOv82023InfrastructuresAmeli, Z.
Nesheli, S. J.
Landis, E. N.

Durability and Damage Tolerance Analysis Approaches for Wind Turbine Blade Trailing Edge Life Prediction: A Technical Review2023EnergiesMoroney, P. D.
Verma, A. S.

A Code-to-Code Comparison for Dynamic Modeling and Response Analysis of Offshore Wind Turbine Blade Mating Process (1)2023Journal of Offshore Mechanics and Arctic EngineeringBhaskaran, S.
Verma, A. S.
Yuan, S.
Jiang, Z.
Halse, K. H.

Characterization of spray dried cellulose nanofbrils produced by disk refining process at different fineness levels2023CelluloseHwang, S.
Walker, C. C.
Ozcan, S.
Tekinalp, H.
Han, Y.
Gardner D. J.
Harmonized Life-Cycle Inventories of Nanocellulose and Its Application in Composites2023Environmental Science & TechnologyKane, S.
Miller, S. A.
Kurtis, K. E.
Youngblood, J. P.
Landis, E. N.
Weiss, W. J.

Experimental investigation of advanced turbine control strategies and load-mitigation measures with a model-scale floating offshore wind turbine system2023Applied EnergyWang, L.
Bergua, R.
Robertson, A.
Wright, A.
Zalkind, D.
Fowler, M.
Lenfest, E.
Viselli, A.
Goupee, A. J.
Kimball, R.

Morphological characteristics of spray dried cellulose nanofibers produced using various wood pulp feedstocks and their effects on polypropylene composite properties2023Composites Part B: EngineeringHwang, S.
Han, Y.
Gardner, D. J.