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Learning Your Lock: Exploiting Structural Vulnerabilities in Logic Locking2024IEEE Design & TestPrabhuddha Chakraborty
Jonathan Cruz
Rasheed Almawzan
Tanzim Mahfuz
Swarup Bhunia
Tunable biocomposite films fabricated using cellulose nanocrystals and additives for food packaging2024Carbohydrate PolymersCong, C.
Sun, W.
Wang, J.
Gardner, D.J.

Cellulose nanomaterials as binders: Laminate and particulate systems2024Journal of Renewable MaterialsTajvidi, M.
Gardner, D. J.
Bousfield, D. W.
Exfoliated graphite nanoplatelet-filled impact modified polypropylene nanocomposites: influence of particle diameter, filler loading, and coupling agent on the mechanical properties2024Applied NanoscienceDuguay, A.
Nader, J. W.
Kiziltas, A.
Gardner, D. J.
Dagher H. J.

Wood: Surface Properties and Adhesion2024Materials Science and Materials Engineering.Gardner, D. J.
Wood plastic composite technology trends: Fundamental and applied research development2024Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Wood & Biofiber Plastic Composites. May 11-13, 2009, Madison, WI.Gardner, D. J.
Han, Y.
Wood Decay2024The Encyclopedia of Plant PathologyJellison, J.
Goodell, B.
Connolly, J.
Ostrofsky, A.
Wave Enhanced Overtides in an Idealized Tidal Inlet System2024Proceedings of EGu General AssemblyRoss, L.
Rickerich, S.
Valle-Levinson, A.

VolturnUS 1:8 – Successful Completion of 1 1/2 Years of Testing the First Grid-Connected Offshore Wind Turbine in the Americas2024Proceedings of the 20th Offshore Symposium Sponsors by the Texas Section of SNAMEViselli, A.
Dagher, H.
Goupee, A. J.
Allen, C.
Libby, C
Verification and Validation of Model-Scale Turbine Performance and Control Strategies for the IEA Wind 15 MW Reference Wind Turbine (3)2024MDPIMedoza, N.
Robertson, A.
Jonkman, J.
Wang, L.
Bergua, R.
Ngo, T.
Das, T.
Odeh, M.
Mohsin, K.
Flavia, F. F.
Child, B.
Bangga, g.
Fowler, M.
Groupee, A.
Kimball, R.
Lenfest, E.
Viselli, A.