Watch this video featuring companies using innovative wood technologies to revitalize the Northern wood industry!

The University of Maine Advanced Structures & Composites Center’s (ASCC) Pilot-Scale Fiberboard Manufacturing Line and Wood Technologist Benjamin Herzog are featured among the creative projects using innovative wood technology and products to revitalize the forest projects industry in Maine and diversify regional wood markets. 

This video highlights 13 projects across Northern New England and New York that are adding value back to the Northern Forest. It was created to feature the Northern Forest Center’s goals of building a diverse forest economy while advancing rural economies. Many of the projects are redeveloping former mill sites and restoring economic hubs for rural areas. 

“We’re having to reimagine, reinvent, and innovate the products that are coming from our forests,” said Herzog, discussing the ASCC’s new wood fiber pilot line, (Northern Forest Center). “The future potential of wood fiber insulation is huge. It’s of utmost importance that we create sustainable housing that’s good for our environment.” 

“This is the first time in East Millinocket history we have the opportunity to control our own destiny,” said former U.S. Representative Mike Michaud regarding the Town of East Millinocket’s purchase of its once shut down mill. “It literally brought tears to people’s eyes when the lighting system was lit up after the closure,” (Northern Forest Center). 

The ASCC’s research roots are in Wood Composites. Since opening 1996, the ASCC has conducted hundreds of federal and industrial trials on wood and wood-based composite materials. Prototype products such as oriented strand board (OSB), laminated strand lumber (LSL), particleboard (PB), laminated veneer lumber (LVL), glulam, plywood, and cross-laminated timber (CLT) are manufactured and tested on-site using the ASCC’s wood composites pilot line. 

Watch the Northern Forest Center’s video here.

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Contact: Amy Blanchard