AIT Composites Maine infrastructure company using ASCC licensed tech, acquired by C Change Group & Alaska Capital

The UMaine Advanced Structures & Composites Center (ASCC) technology and Executive Director Dr. Habib Dagher has been featured in EINPresswire

The ASCC licenses extensive innovative technologies to many different companies across Maine, the U.S., and internationally to make the technology more accessible. One of those companies is AIT Composites, a civil engineering company based in Brewer, Maine, specializing in engineering and manufacturing FRP bridges. 

“We certainly welcome C Change stepping in to enhance our long-term partnership with AIT Composites,” said Dagher. “The C Change Group understands the value of Maine technology and having a Maine company drive innovation and create even greater value for its customers and the United States’ effort in rebuilding infrastructure,” (EINPresswire). 

The EINPresswire article provides insight into the strategic acquisition of AIT Composites by the companies C Change Group and Alaska Capital. 

Read more about the ASCC’s research in civil infrastructure.

Contact:Amy Blanchard