ASCC’s Dr. Habib Dagher Discusses Offshore Wind Plans in AJOT

The University of Maine Advanced Structures & Composites Center’s (ASCC) Founding Executive Director, Dr. Habib Dagher, and Offshore Wind Technologies have been featured in a 2- part article on the American Journal of Transportation’s (AJOT) website

Part 1 discusses a Marshall Plan for U.S. ports and Maine’s plan for offshore wind. 

Part 2 dives into the supply chain management for offshore wind. 

“We have a project … next year. It’s a demonstration project … funded through ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act). It’s a new design that’s lighter and smaller yet does the same thing that we’ve been working on. So, we’re very excited about that …. It will have a capacity to generate 225 kilowatts,” said Dr. Habib Dagher (AJOT Part 1 article). 

“Dagher said one example of new technology that could simplify the production and supply chain process is the introduction of synthetic anchor handling lines replacing anchor chains made of steel to anchor floating wind turbines in several thousand feet of water,” (AJOT Part 2 article). 

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Contact: Amy Blanchard