The ASCC expands Ocean, Coastal Engineering & Offshore Wind Team With McGlynn Hire

The Advanced Structures & Composites Center (ASCC) is pleased to announce the recent hire of Alyssa McGlynn as an Engineer II working with Mechanical Controls & Design on our Ocean, Coastal Engineering & Offshore Wind Team. 

Originally from New Jersey, McGlynn began her studies in mechanical engineering at the University of Maine. As an undergraduate, she was a research assistant in Thermodynamics, researching Near Field Radiative Heat Transfer. In high school, she participated in an engineering internship with Suez Water in Haworth, NJ. This allowed her to learn a substantial amount about file organization and documentation. She redesigned the organizational system structure for the entire company. 

“Bringing Alyssa on board full-time has been an incredible decision for our offshore wind team. Based on her accomplishments as a grad student, she has consistently proven herself as an invaluable asset,” said Anthony Viselli, Chief Engineer of Offshore Wind. “As she transitions into the new role, I am excited to see the remarkable contributions she will make in the future.”

When asked why McGlynn chose this field, she said, “Renewable energy is very important. We all have a duty to work towards a more sustainable future.” 

While earning her Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maine, McGlynn worked for the ASCC as a graduate research assistant designing iterations of mooring simulators for scale model testing of Floating Offshore Wind Turbines. The work she accomplished in this position is how she found her research topic for her graduate thesis titled “Development on an Active Mooring Simulator for Scale Model Testing of Floating Offshore Wind Turbines at 1:50 and 1:70 Scale.” Now, as a full-time engineer, she designs data acquisition systems for scale model testing.

“Scale model testing and good data acquisition are imperative for making full-scale renewable energy possible. I am optimistic about a future that includes offshore wind energy,” said McGlynn. 

This work helps us better understand and develop floating offshore wind turbines, which can potentially change how the world produces and receives renewable energy. 

McGlynn and others’ work, “Model Testing of Non-Linear Mooring System Using an Active Mooring Simulator for Floating Offshore Wind Systems,” was presented and published at the ASME 4th International Offshore Wind Technical Conference in Boston, Massachusetts on December 8, 2022. 

Outside of work, McGlynn enjoys spending time outdoors rock climbing and sewing. 

The ASCC team is rapidly growing and always looking for talented individuals across all industries to join our team. For more information on open positions, visit the ASCC website or contact Kim Scribner, workforce coordinator, at

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