ASCC Expands Faculty Network with Dr. Li Hire

ASCC Expands Faculty Network with Dr. Li Hire

Orono, ME — At the Advanced Structures and Composites Center (ASCC), we conduct research in a diverse set of areas to discover greener solutions for industries such as civil infrastructure, renewable energy, and housing. Our varied research efforts are led by a staff with assorted expertise. This is why we are pleased to announce the recent hire of Dr. Linfei Li as our new Assistant Research Professor of Concrete. 

Originally from China, Dr. Li received his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Qingdao Technological University in 2011. After completing  his bachelor’s degree, Dr. Li came to the United States to begin his research in civil engineering and material science at the University of Colorado, Boulder. In 2014, he received his Master of Science in Structural Mechanics and Structural Engineering, and in 2019 received his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering. 

Before joining the ASCC, Dr. Li was a postdoctoral research assistant at the University of Colorado and a Director of Product Development at Prometheus Materials Inc. During that time, Dr. Li accumulated a wealth of experience on nanomaterials application in concrete and low-carbon biobased materials development.
Transitioning into his role as an assistant research professor, Dr. Li  will spend much of his time collaborating with the faculty and staff of the Transportation Infrastructure Durability Center (TIDC) on concrete research. Dr. Li will specifically focus on research seeking to extend the service life of concrete systems while exploring potential applications for low-carbon bio-based building materials. Some of his primary responsibilities will include coordinating, managing, and conducting research on improving the infrastructure durability and lowering the CO2 emissions of concrete. Li’s research will build on a body of TIDC projects dedicated to durable, lower carbon solutions for transportation infrastructure and on the ASCC’s commitment to green energy and materials. 
“We very much welcome Dr. Li to the TIDC team and his unique expertise with concrete durability and low carbon initiatives. This will be particularly helpful in our efforts to seek out alternatives and cutting edge techniques that reduce the carbon footprint of one of the world’s most heavily utilized building materials.” said TIDC senior program manager, James Bryce. 
Outside of work, Dr. Li likes to relax by reading, watching movies, and skiing.

The ASCC team is rapidly growing and always looking for talented individuals across all industries to join our team. For more information on open positions, visit the ASCC website or contact Kim Scribner, workforce coordinator, at

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