Article by UMaine Researchers Warren, Lopez-Anido To Be Published in Composites Part A, Vol. 73 (June 2015)

S1359835X (1)A paper submitted by UMaine Composites Center Ph.D. Candidate Kyle Warren, faculty member Dr. Roberto Lopez-Anido, P.E., and Jonathan Goering of Albany Engineered Composites has been accepted for publication in the 73rd volume of Composite Part A. Composites Part A is a top journal with an impact factor of 3.01. The journal ranking in engineering and manufacturing is 2/39, and in materials science and composites is 3/23.

The abstract of the paper, titled “Experimental investigation of three-dimensional woven composites,” follows:

This paper summarizes an extensive experimental study of composites reinforced with three-dimensional woven preforms subjected to tensile, compressive and in-plane shear loading. Three innovative three-dimensional woven architectures were examined that utilize large 12 K and 24 K IM7 carbon tows, including two ply to ply angle interlock architectures and one orthogonal architecture. Additionally, a two-dimensional quasi-isotropic woven material was evaluated for comparison. Loads were applied in both the warp and the weft directions for tensile and compressive loading. Digital image correlation was used to investigate full field strains leading up to quasi-static failure. Experimental results including ultimate strengths and moduli are analyzed alongside representative failure modes. The orthogonal woven material was found to have both greater strength and modulus in tension and compression, though a ply to ply woven architecture was found to outperform the remaining three-dimensional architectures. Recommendations are made for improving the manufacturing processes of certain three-dimensional woven architectures.

View the paper:

Warren, K.C., Lopez-Anido, R.A., Goering, J. “Experimental investigation of three-dimensional woven composites,” Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 73 (2015) 242–259.