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R&D leveraging UMaine’s expertise in forest-derived bio-composites with the world’s largest 3D printer to drive the future of advanced manufacturing with applications in marine, defense, housing, renewable energy, and transportation industries.

We are dedicated to leading the forefront of Large-Scale Additive Manufacturing. The ASCC has made breakthrough innovations to the field and with university expertise, we can bring promising concepts to market quickly and drive US manufacturing to a sustainable future.

Ingersoll – MasterPrint 3x

The print volume is 60′ (18.3m) long, 22′ (6.7m) wide, and 10′ (3m) high. 

The printer can print at 150lbs (68kg)/hour, is being upgraded to 500lbs (227kg)/hour, and utilizes a 5-axis machine head.

Juggerbot3D – Tradesman Series P3-44

The print volume is 39″ x 39″ x 39″. You can learn more about this printer here.

Cincinnati – BAAM 606

The print volume is 140″ long, 65″ wide, and 72″ tall. You can learn more about this printer here.


In addition to printing, the ASCC has the capability to install instrumentation such as visual cameras, thermal cameras, profilometers, and DIC cameras to monitor the printing process.

Evan Gilman
Evan Gilman

Chief Operating Engineer

Dr. Susan MacKay
Dr. Susan MacKay

Senior R&D Program Manager 

Dr. Douglas Gardner
Dr. Douglas Gardner

Prof of Sustainable Materials & Technology

Scott Tomlinson M.Sc., P.E., S.C.W.
Scott Tomlinson M.Sc., P.E., S.C.W.

Research Engineer | Program Manager

Dr. Siamak Shams Es-haghi
Dr. Siamak Shams Es-haghi

Assistant Research Professor of Rheology and Polymer Science

Dr. Keith Sharp 
Dr. Keith Sharp 

Senior Program Manager

Evan Gilman
Evan Gilman

Chief Operating Engineer

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Research Overview

We are dedicated to leading the forefront of Large-Scale Additive Manufacturing. The ASCC has made breakthrough innovations in this field, including commissioning the World’s Largest Polymer 3D Printer with print-bed dimensions of  60′ (18.3m) long, 22′ (6.7m) wide, and 10′ (3m) high.  Additionally, even larger-scale printers are being planned for installation in the current ASCC facility, and in future facility expansions. 

In accordance with our GEM commitment, and in partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), we are advancing efforts to produce new forest-derived, 100% bio-based materials conducive to 3D printing of large, structurally demanding systems. Our research focuses on cellulose nanofiber (CNF) production, drying, functionalization, and compounding with thermoplastics, building on UMaine’s leadership in CNF technology and extrusion research. By placing wood CNF into thermoplastics, bio-derived recyclable material systems can be developed with properties that may rival traditional materials, possibly even metals.

America Makes is the nation’s leading public-private partnership for additive manufacturing technology and education. ASCC is a proud member.

Bio-Based Additive Manufacturing

For more than 25 years, the ASCC has been on the cutting edge of bio-based composites made with Maine wood products and is developing bio-based, renewable feedstocks using cellulose nanofibrils for additive manufacturing. Adopting the low cost of bio-derived and bio-filled feedstocks for use in additive manufacturing will pave the way for reducing manufacturing costs with partner industries looking to utilize this technology. 

The Hub & Spoke Program

Innovation through collaboration

The Hub & Spoke Program is a research collaboration between the University of Maine and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The partnership advances 3D printing with wood products, creating a new market for Maine’s forest products industry, an industry that has been the backbone of Maine’s economy for generations.

Printed using bio-based materials

Large-Scale Additive Manufacturing

The 2019 installation of the World’s Largest Polymer 3D printer was just one of the latest milestones the ASCC has reached as a leader in Large-Scale Additive Manufacturing. With a rich history in innovation for rapidly deployable, cost-effective, and better-made structures, additive manufacturing is the next great frontier for solving problems in any industry.

Industries Impacted


air, land & sea

Building Construction

building better


innovative solutions


sustainable safety

Civil Infrastructure

resilient solutions

Wind Energy

greener renewables

“The 3D printer here at the University of Maine is currently the largest in the world. It’s not the stuff of science fiction. The research we’re doing is happening here and it’s happening now.”

Rich Fredericks , AM Team

3Dirigo: The World’s Largest 3D Printed Boat

3Dirigo has two Guinness World Records: 1. the world’s largest 3D printed boat and 2. the world’s largest 3D printed object. The boat was printed in 72 hours by the world’s largest 3D printer and is 25′ (7.62m) long and weighs 5,000lbs (2,268kg).

Time-lapse footage of printing 3Dirigo