ASCC’s VolturnUS & VolturnUS+ Technologies featured on EE Power

EE Power explores the Maine state legislation passed last month, LD 1895, to procure up to 3GW of power using offshore wind by 2040.

“The project will use the University of Maine’s patented VolturnUS floating concrete hull technology, designed like an upside-down bridge to support wind turbines in waters deeper than 147 feet. VolturnUS uses industrialized pre-cast bridge construction methods to simplify development. It also touts a lower overall Levelized Cost Of Energy, higher corrosion resistance than steel, and lower operation and maintenance costs.” (EEPower Article)

The ASCC has been leading the development of Floating Offshore Wind for 15 years. Read here to learn more about the ASCC’s Ocean Engineering & Energy team and the development of ocean engineering technologies. 

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Even more interested in Floating Offshore Wind? The ASCC is hosting the 2023 American Floating Offshore Wind Technical Summit (AFloat 2023) September 25-27 in Portland, Maine. Registration is open, register today!

Contact: Amy Blanchard