Dr. Susan MacKay featured on Composites Weekly Podcast

Dr. Susan MacKay featured on Composites Weekly Podcast

Orono, Maine – ASCC researcher Dr. Susan MacKay was recently featured on the Composites Weekly podcast, a news and information podcast designed for the composites and advanced materials industry. MacKay joined host Jonathan Taylor for an episode titled “Discussing Bio-Based & Large-Scale Additive Manufacturing with Dr. Susan MacKay of ASCC.”

In the episode, Dr. MacKay covers her background in chemistry, product development, and industry, her path to the ASCC, and updates on the ASCC’s research in large-scale, bio-based 3D printing. MacKay is a leading member of the Hub and Spoke Program, a partnership between the ASCC and Oak Ridge National Laboratory focused on developing sustainable, bio-based feedstocks for 3D printing, particularly using nanocellulose. 

The Hub and Spoke program’s projects range from printing structural parts, to tooling, to construction materials, to BioHome3D. UMaine has expertise in bio-based materials that use cellulosic materials as fiber reinforcement, and the Hub and Spoke Program seeks to develop materials that use less plastic, are recyclable, and produce less waste. 

To listen to the Composites Weekly episode featuring Susan MacKay, click here

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