Roberto Lopez-Anido featured on Composites Weekly Podcast

Roberto Lopez-Anido featured on Composites Weekly Podcast

Orono, Maine – ASCC researcher Roberto Lopez-Anido was recently featured on the Composites Weekly podcast, a news and information podcast designed for the composites and advanced materials industry. Podcast host Jonathan Taylor interviewed Lopez-Anido for an episode titled “Developing the Next Generation of Environmentally Sustainable Structural Thermoplastic Composites.” 

In the episode, Lopez-Anido discusses ASCC thermoplastic composites research, such as the use of fiber-reinforced thermoplastic materials to reduce the weight of military ground vehicles for the U.S. Army DEVCOM, and the development of a hybrid composite-concrete beam commissioned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Engineering Research and Development Center (ERDC). 

Lopez-Anido touches on emerging opportunities in additive manufacturing for molds and 3D printed concrete forms. The ASCC has applied molds for thermoset composites to develop fiber-reinforced polymer girders for highway bridges, and to design and manufacture hulls for boatbuilding. Lopez-Anido is part of multiple research projects investigating the recyclability of 3D-printed concrete forms

The episode also describes the ASCC’s thermoplastic composite facilities and capabilities, and the sustainability of the next generation of thermoplastic composite technology. 

To listen to the Composites Weekly episode featuring Roberto Lopez-Anido, click here

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