MaineBiz: Floating offshore wind is a new industry by Maine, for Maine

Maine Biz logoMaineBiz published a commentary by Dana Connors, President, Maine State Chamber of Commerce on February 10, titled, “Floating offshore wind is a new industry by Maine, for Maine.” The commentary discusses Maine’s unique opportunity to be a global leader in floating offshore wind using UMaine’s designed and patented VolturnUS technology.

“The patented VolturnUS floating offshore wind technology created by the University of Maine puts Maine in a potential technological and manufacturing position of dominance unequalled since Maine built most of the nation’s clipper ships in the 1850’s, and the creation of the paper industry in Maine in the early 20th century. Maine’s floating offshore wind opportunity draws on the lessons taught by these predecessors, which shaped Maine life for decades.  

First, Maine’s technology, despite some policy delays, remains ahead of the world’s competing technologies and can achieve Maine’s goal of a manufacturing hub if Maine acts quickly. That’s because virtually all world offshore wind investment to date, $70 billion in Europe and a contracted $100 billion on our East Coast is built on foundations in shallow waters (less than 150 feet): almost none of it floats. But that development has exhausted available shallow waters. The rest of the world’s offshore wind must float, in deeper waters, including the vast Gulf of Maine, the Pacific coast and Asia.”