Spin-off Company Founded by Two UMaine Graduate Students Receives $5,000 Award from Maine Technology Institute

BioInsulA UMaine spinoff company, Revolution Research, Inc., received a $5,000 TechStart Grant from the Maine Technology Institute for Market Analysis & Business Plan Development of their product, BioInsul.

Revolution Research Inc. (RRI) is a research and product development company focusing on the development and commercialization of eco-friendly materials for the construction and packaging industry. The company was founded in 2014 by UMaine graduate students Nadir Yildirim and Alexander Chassé.

Yildirim, who is pursuing a PhD in Forest Resources, conducts research at the Advanced Structures and Composites Center.

Yilidirim and RRI have recently received several other awards from the Maine Technology Institute, a STTR Phase I grant from the National Science Foundation, and took 1st place in the April 2015 UMaine Business Challenge.

The following information on BioInsul was provided by Yildirim:

Demand for eco-friendly building materials is growing rapidly for commercial and residential construction and renovation. Revolution Research, Inc. (RRI) is developing “BioInsul,” a bio-based foam insulation board to replace the petroleum-based products now used for thermal insulation purposes.

  • Bio-based. Over 90% of BioInsul will consist of plant-based materials, including CNF and other raw materials. As a result, BioInsul will be over 90% compostable and/or recyclable. BioInsul’s primary raw material is a readily available forest by-product, not petroleum or other chemicals. Production and the product itself is expected to be carbon neutral and will not affect the environment.
  • Non-Hazardous. RRI’s BioInsul will be non-hazardous to human health and the environment from cradle to grave because it will not contain hazardous components.
  • Higher R-Value. RRI’s researches has shown R-values equal or greater than 4 per inch of material thickness.
  • Cost. BioInsul’s price will be comparable to other eco-friendly products.

RRI is also one of the finalist at Greenlight Maine Business Challenge. To support RRI’s project, please visit: http://greenlightmaine.com/page18/

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