Fall Seminar Series: Dr. Ghasan Doudak 10/16


“Connections Design Philosophy in Timber Structures”
Dr. Ghasan Doudak, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering
University of Ottawa.

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Friday Oct. 16, 1:10pm
Room 258, UMaine Composites Center

The presentation will provide an overview on connection design methodologies in timber structures with emphasis on ductility in connections.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Wood mechanics
  • Addressing moisture and fire issues
  • Connection vs. system ductility
  • Capacity-based design
  • Examples of moment connection frames
  • Innovative connection design concepts

About Dr. Ghasan Doudak:

doudak-ghasanDr. Ghasan Doudak, Ph.D, P.Eng. is an Assistant Professor of structural engineering at the University of Ottawa. His area of expertise includes multi-scale understanding of how complete structural systems function, encompassing issues like how complete buildings respond to effects of wind storms, ground shaking during earthquakes, or other actions like impacts and blasts.

He is a member of the CSA O86 Technical Committee on Engineering Design in Wood, CSA s850 Technical Committee on Blast Resistant Buildings, and the Truss Plate Institute (TPI, USA).

Dr. Doudak received his Master of Science degree from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). His PhD research was aimed at determining the load paths in wood light frame buildings under various stages of construction using a holistic design approach. Based on his valuable contribution to the field of wood engineering, Dr. Doudak was awarded the Forest Products Laboratory Young Engineer Award, 2008. This award is intended to encourage young (40 years of age or younger) engineers, researchers, or scientists with “promising potential for significant contribution to the field”.