UMaine PhD Student Nadir Yildirim Wins UMaine Business Challenge

“University of Maine Ph.D. student Nadir Yildirim won first place at the 2015 UMaine Business Challenge for his company that aims to develop eco-friendly, recyclable and reusable products for several industries.

Yildirim, a student in the Wood Science and Technology Program in the School of Forest Resources, received $5,000 to further develop his business, Revolution Research, Inc.

After completing the graduate certificate in Innovation Engineering through the Foster Center for Student Innovation in 2014, Yildirim started the Orono-based RRI to develop and commercialize eco-friendly replacements of petroleum-based thermal insulation products.

Yildirim, who has been working to develop nanomaterials and nanocomposites using nanotechnology since 2011, started RRI with Alexander Chasse, a 2013 civil engineering graduate from UMaine. Chasse works at the university conducting nanomaterial research.”


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