Visiting Professor from Spain To Explore Passive House Research

Dr. Juana Doménech Subirán has joined the UMaine Composites Center for the summer from La Rioja, Spain. She holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering from University of País Vasco.

Subirán’s current research interest is centered around passive houses, which is a building standard that reduces energy consumption. Passive house standards aim to reduce energy consumption by 60-80% through improved materials and modified construction methods, according to the U.S. Passive House Institute.

Subirán will be working with Dr. Roberto Lopez-Anido. The Center is supporting Subirán’s research with aspects aligned with our core expertise, such as the use of engineered wood products, thermoplastic composites, fiber reinforcement, hybrid materials, material durability, joining methods, test methods, etc., all aimed at increasing building construction efficiency and reducing overall energy costs for homeowners.

Learn more about Passive House practices from the U.S. Passive House Institute at: