Student Profile: Taylor Bailey

BS Civil Engineering, University of Maine, 2018
MS Civil Engineering, University of Maine, PRESENT
Position: Graduate Research Assistant
Research Interests: Asymmetry of Wave Profiles and Turbulence Mechanics
Advisor: Dr. Lauren Ross and Dr. Anthony Viselli
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Taylor is a graduate student from Vassalboro, Maine with a BS in civil engineering. Prior to graduating from UMaine this spring, Taylor was searching for graduate opportunities on campus when Joshua Clap, a research engineer working for the Advanced Structures and Composites Center (the Center), recommended that she looked into the Center. Shortly after she visited the Center, Taylor began working there in order to “get her foot in the door” for a graduate position. Taylor is now a graduate research assistant at the Center and remains thankful for her position, as it is one she feels she would not have received at another institution, either on or off campus.

Although the potential of a graduate research position was what caught Taylor’s interest, she remained at the Center thanks to the students she interacted with and her experiences with the faculty. She has specifically praised the positive “atmosphere” of the Center and enjoys that guidance is always readily available. Taylor has also stated that she finds it rewarding to work and conduct research with the same professors who taught some of her undergraduate engineering courses. Additionally, Taylor feels that her interpersonal communication skills have improved since she’s begun working at the Center thanks to the projects she has taken part in.

Taylor’s research focuses on the asymmetry of wave profiles, how waves impact the wind field, and how the wind field impacts the waves. Due to this, she is a part of the Engineer Research and Development Center’s (ERDC) Task 5.1: Study of Wind Generated Waves project. Taylor is also conducting research for the Civil and Environmental Engineering department for a project titled “Quantifying the effects of wind on wave and turbulence mechanics.” While Taylor’s research centers on ocean engineering, the first project she assisted in was the testing of a composite girder designed by HC Bridge Company, LLC. She began work on the project immediately after she joined the Center, and participated in the sanding of the beam and the various infusions performed on it. Thanks to the quality of her work on that project, she is currently working on the production of a new, larger girder.

Taylor is currently working towards her Master’s in Civil Engineering and is studying turbulence in wave mechanics. She hopes to remain in academia after she receives her Master’s and earn a PhD in Civil Engineering. When Taylor enters the private sector, she hopes to find a job in ocean engineering or wind energy.

Activities and Honors

– Awarded the Maine Section ASCE Scholarship, 2017

– Awarded the UMaine Presidential Scholarship, 2014

– Received the Civil Engineering Department Award, 2015

– Received the UMaine Chadbourne Award, 2014