Student Profile: Stanley Small

Degree: Computer Science, PRESENT

Position with the Center: Student Web Developer

Position with Raytheon BBN Technologies: Associate Scientist

Research Interests: Automated theorem proving and formal logic

Advisor: Jonathan Bubier



Stanley is a senior from Hampden majoring in computer science and is graduating this May. For the past year and half, he has worked in the IT department of the Advanced Structures and Composites Center. Stanley discovered the Center when he learned that several students he knew had joined the Center to do IT work.

When he was asked what he enjoyed the most about the Center, Stanley replied that it was the people who work there, as he said, “Everyone’s really friendly and they like being and working here, so it’s a nice environment to work in,” and that the Center is place that “prioritizes the work of students, and really values them and what they do. I definitely feel like I play a role in the function and the operation of the Center.” Stanley has also commented that his time at the Center has let him improve his communication skills since he has been able to frequently speak with the staff he is completing projects for.

Currently, Stanley is working on the Center’s internal website which employees use to reference maintenance records, safety data-sheets, lab and equipment information, and enter payroll. He said that working on the Center’s website has been “a good opportunity to work on a project that’s used by real people. It’s nice to be able to interact physically with the people you’re working on the product for.”

When he was asked if he would recommend working at the Center to other students majoring or interested in computer science or IT work, he said, “Yes, it’s a great way to put the things you’ve learned in school into practice and get some real job experience. For me, the experience has been invaluable.” Once he graduates, Stanley hopes to become a software developer and engineer. In the longterm, his primary goal involves becoming a software engineering manager.