Student Profile: Ogheneruona Dibie

DegreesOgheneruona Dibie photo

BS Computer Engineering, 2015

MS Computer Engineering, 2018

Advisor: Yifeng Zhu

Current Occupation: Software Engineer



Ogheneruona Dibie is a software engineer from Sapele, Nigeria. He graduated from UMaine in 2018 with a Master’s degree in computer engineering. While he was obtaining his Master’s degree, Ogheneruona worked for the Advanced Structures and Composites Center as a web developer for almost two years. Ogheneruona began working for the Center because he was looking for an job on campus that would involve programing. When he was asked about his time with the Center, he said the following:

“It was a great opportunity to work with dedicated employees in a professional environment. . . I consider myself really lucky to have landed an opportunity to use my computer programming skills to help solve real problems.”

Ogheneruona feels that his time at the Center helped him develop his interpersonal and communication skills, as he was able to work with fellow computer engineering students often and in teams. While he was at the Center, Ogheneruona worked on a number of projects, many of which involved creating new features for the Center’s internal website. These are a few brief explanations of the work Ogheneruona was the most proud of:

  • – He designed a feature that groups together all users which allows for easier dissemination of information to specific users
  • – He designed and built a search feature to allow users search through all announcements posted on the Center’s internal website, which reduced the search time to find announcements by over 80%
  • – He built a compliance training feature to ensure employees complete required compliance training, which improved the time it takes to check employee’s compliance training status by automating the entire process

Currently, Ogheneruona is working with a start-up company to help pull certain twitter feeds that will be used to generate analytics. Additionally, Ogheneruona is seeking a job as a software engineer at Google; he is eagerly anticipating an interview he has scheduled for a position with the company. Later in his life, Ogheneruona hopes to work with African wildlife, particularly lions, and aid in conservation efforts.