Student Profile: Matt Ireland

Degree: BS in Mechanical Engineering, University of Maine, PRESENT
Position: Undergraduate Research Assistant
Research Interests: Additive Manufacturing
Advisor: Dr. Senthil Vel
Email / LinkedIn: /


Matt transferred into UMaine from SMCC in 2015 as a mechanical engineering student in search of greater challenges and different experiences within his field. Shortly after coming to UMaine, Matt discovered the Advanced Structures and Composites Center (the Center) and learned about the opportunities it has for engineering students. After becoming an undergraduate research assistant with the Center, he has been conducting research in Additive Manufacturing and now assists in managing the 3D Printing laboratory. Matt is currently pursuing a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering and has already been accepted into grad school at UMaine.

Matt has stated that his main reason for joining the Center regards the interest he took in the research being conducted. Matt also enjoys being around fellow student researchers, as it has allowed him to better understand different fields and aspects of engineering that he would not have been exposed to otherwise. Additionally, Matt attributes the growth of his abilities as an engineer to his time with the Center because of the on-the-job experience he’s had in 3D Printing. He reported that he’s learned a “wealth of information about additive manufacturing” that he wouldn’t have through course work alone. Matt also feels that his communication skills have greatly improved, thanks to the fellow students and researchers he has worked with on projects.

Currently, Matt is working on adapting one of the Center’s 3D printers to accommodate angled printing technology. This angled technology prints layers of material diagonally instead of flatly. This allows overhangs in printed objects without the need for support structures, and the ability to print objects far longer than normal without comprising any structural integrity.

After Matt graduates this fall, he will be pursuing his Master’s in mechanical engineering at UMaine. After he completes grad school, Matt would like to get into the manufacturing industry while staying within New England. Matt also hopes to remain in Additive Manufacturing field later during his career.

Activities and Honors

– Received the Director’s Award from the Advanced Structures and Composites Center

– Received the J. Morris Weinberg Student Innovation Award

– President of the UMaine 3D Printing Club

– Treasurer of the UMaine Chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics