Student Profile: Mariah Priest

Degree: BS Finance Management, 2018Mariah Priest Photo

Position: Student Administrative Aid V Finance

Research Interests: Wind energy

Advisor: Cindy D’Angelo



Mariah is a UMaine graduate from Abbot, Maine with a bachelor’s degree in finance management who works for the accounting department of the Advanced Structures and Composites Center. Prior to working for the Center, Mariah was familiar with it as she was taken on several tours of it while she was in grade school. Once she began looking for a job while she was an undergraduate, Mariah recognized the Center’s name and decided to apply for an open accounting position, and she was hired shortly thereafter.

When Mariah was asked if she would recommend that financing students intern or work for the Center, she said yes and said the following:

“The hands-on aspect part of the work makes it valuable, and you’re working on projects that matter. You’re assigned tasks and duties that impact what goes on day-to-day at the Center, it’s not just ‘Oh, scan this document just to fill your time.’ It’s not busy-work, you’re actually being trained in things you can apply to many different fields.”

Mariah’s main work for the Center regards reconciling project accounts, ensuring that important data is entered correctly, organizing financial information, and filing documents. While Mariah values the flexibility the Center provides in regards to the hours she works, she enjoys the people she works with and the experience she’s gained the most.

“Since the finance department is small, we’re close-knit,” Mariah explained. “And just being an aide to help out around the department, I’ve been exposed to different fields and things that I wouldn’t have been otherwise. It’s all helped cement what I’ve learned in my classes. And I think that since the Center is known worldwide, when I go to apply to other jobs, it’ll definitely help me.”