Student Profile: Lucy Slattery

Program of Study: Engineering Physics

Position at the Center: Student Research Assistant

Research Interests: Optimization of rheological and mechanical properties of 3D printed parts through the adjustment of printing parameters

Advisors: Dr. Masoud Rais-Rohani and Dr. Keith Sharp



Lucy Slattery, from Ashland, Maine, joined the University of Maine in 2019 as an engineering physics student within the Honors College. Lucy chose to attend UMaine due to the accredited engineering physics curriculum and the sense of community for students in STEM majors. She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in engineering physics with a concentration in mechanical engineering.

Lucy joined the Advanced Structures and Composites Center because of her keen interest in gaining research experience and applying her degree in an environment that focuses on students. Lucy currently works as a student research assistant with Dr. Keith Sharp and is researching Additive Manufacturing. Her primary research interest in the Center consists of optimizing the rheological and mechanical properties of 3D printed parts by adjusting printing parameters. Lucy works on the Accelerating Rapid Prototyping (ARP) project.  ARP focuses on Large Area / Big Area additive manufacturing in the pursuit of in situ adjustments to the printing process creating born-certified parts. Lucy explains that the most exciting thing she has learned working at the Center is how to use data and research to solve problems.

Lucy is still deciding whether or not she will enter industry following graduation or if she will pursue a graduate degree. However, she is interested in staying in additive manufacturing, focusing on researching thermal properties. Lucy is involved in the UMaine Chapter of Engineers without Borders, UMaine Society of Physics Students, and a member of Sigma Pi Sigma.