Student Profile: Kyle Barry

Degree: BS Journalism, PRESENT

Position: Student Research Assistant

Research Interests: Clean energy and applications for composite materials

Advisor: Holly Schreiber



Kyle Barry is a senior from Hampden and is currently studying for his Bachelor’s degree in journalism. He began working with the Advanced Structures and Composites Center as an intern in the fall semester of 2018 after he read a listing on the website of UMaine’s Communication and Journalism department. He began working with the Center a week after contacting Meghan Collins, the head of the communication department, and remained employed by the Center in the communications department after he completed his internship.

Although Kyle is not an engineering student, he has expressed his admiration of the diverse and advance nature of the Center’s numerous projects. He is particularly interested in the Center’s VolturnUS floating offshore wind turbine platforms, and has written multiple pieces regarding the project. Kyle is also grateful for his experiences during (and the nature of) his internship, as he was treated as a regular employee and paid. This income allowed him to take his first winter session course, something he said he would not have been able to do otherwise. Kyle feels that his writing, editing, and communication skills improved immensely thanks to his internship with the Center, and he found that it taught him how to effectively operate in a professional workplace.

Kyle’s current work involves a number of communications related tasks. This has included writing articles and press releases, editing manuscripts for academic journals, revising write-ups, assisting in the coordination of events, and creating newsletters regarding the Center’s work. After he graduates, Kyle plans on working in a communications department; ideally the Center’s still, but he has also considered several of the Center’s spinoff companies as options.