Student Profile: Hannah Allen

Hannah Allen PhotoDegrees:

BS Mechanical Engineering, University of New Haven, 2015

MS Mechanical Engineering, University of Maine, 2019

Position: Graduate Research Assistant

Research Interests: Wind energy and ocean engineering

Advisor: Dr. Habib Dagher, Dr. Andrew Goupee, Dr. Anthony Viselli



Hannah is a recent Masters graduate from Farmington who has worked for the Advanced Structures and Composites Center since July 2017. While Hannah was an undergraduate, she was brought into to the Center’s lab to see its wind turbine testing wall. As one of Hannah’s interests was and is alternative energy, this caught her interest and led her to pursuing a position with the Center. When asked if she would recommend the Center to engineering interns, Hannah said the following:

“The Center is a fantastic place for people to intern. You get a really wide range of experiences. I think it’s common to get into an internship where you’re just pushing buttons, showing up, and leaving. But the Center does a really good job of making sure that interns have a purpose and being aware that an intern’s perspective can be really valuable, and can impact the direction of a project.”

One of Hannah’s favorite aspects of the Center regards the “wide range” of people who work for it. She also enjoys the fact that she can both mentor undergraduate students and learn from the professors she works with. Additionally, Hannah feels that her time with the Center has shown her how to communicate with professionals from different disciplines as well as reenforcing the skills she’s learned during her courses.

As Hannah’s Masters thesis focused on floating offshore wind turbine hulls, her initial work for the Center had her conducting scale model testing in the Alfond W2 Ocean Engineering Lab. Recently, Hannah has been working as a temp staff member and has been assisting with the Center’s Modular Ballistic Protection System (MBPS) research. The MBPS is a quickly erectable, re-deployable, and lightweight ballistic protection system intended to provide soldiers with a reliable means of shelter in dangerous areas.

When she leaves the Center, Hannah hopes to get a job involving the environment; she’s equally open to said job having her work as an engineer or with policy.