Student Profile: Duncan Macleod

Degree: BS Business Management, PRESENTDuncan Macleod photo

Position: Student Computer Technician IV

Interests: IT Management

Advisor: Jonathan Bubier



Duncan is a senior business management student from Friendship, Maine who works as a student computer technician for the Advanced Structures and Composites Center. Duncan began working for the Center after he submitted an application for an IT position on UMaine’s campus. The Center was identified as being the institute best suited for his skill set, and he was hired shortly thereafter.

While Duncan has said that he enjoys how flexible his schedule with the Center is, he has also praised the quality of the research the Center conducts, as he has said, “The Center is the kind of place where there’s not a lot of research like this done around the country. It’s kind of a rarity. I think even for the campus, it’s a hidden gem, not a lot of people that see it or know about it. . . There’s just a lot of cool things that go on here.” Duncan has also felt that his long-term project management skills have improved greatly, as he is currently working on a project for the Center that has lasted months. Additionally, he feels that his time with the Center has shown him how the IT departments of larger businesses operate, and that this will have prepared him well if he works in a professional environment after he graduates.

Duncan’s day-to-day work involves problem management, as employees will bring issues regarding technology to Duncan and he will find the quickest solution to said issue. Most problems regard files not opening, server access being denied, trouble connecting to the Center’s VPN, or devices running slowly. Duncan’s main work focuses on transferring the Center’s network to a more secure directory. This is essential for the Center, as it has a number of confidential projects with various organizations.

When Duncan was asked if he would recommend the Center as a good place for business or computer engineering students to intern and work, he said, “Yes, and the thing that I love about the Center is how it lets you go at your own pace. . . My schedule is very flexible here, which is nice. If I have semesters where I can put more hours, then I can better myself. . . I think the projects that we’re working on currently have definitely broadened my horizons in a different sense of IT. It’s a cool place to work.”

After he graduates, Duncan would like to obtain a management position which regards technology in some way (i.e. manager for an IT department). Currently, Duncan also works free-lance as an IT technician and for EES Consulting.