Student Profile: Adelle Oswald

Degree: BS Accounting, PRESENTAdelle Oswald photo

Position: Student Administrative Student IV

Research Interests: Offshore wind turbines

Advisor: Wendy Coons



Adelle is a senior accounting student from Rumford who has been working in the Advanced Structures and Composites Center for the past three years. She began working at the Center after she was told by members of her sorority told her about the Center’s accounting department. When she was asked about how she felt about joining the Center, she said the following:

“It had really good recommendations, everyone I talked to about the Center had great things to say about the facility, the people here. . . I just saw it as really good opportunity because I wanted to get some hands-on experience in accounting and I knew that there were these really big projects going on.”

While Adelle is interested in the Center’s projects, her favorite part about working for the Center is the people she works with in the accounting department thanks to how “caring and helpful” they have always been. Additionally, Adelle feels that her analytical and communication skills have improved greatly thanks to her time at the Center. She is also thankful for the networking opportunities she has been provided by working for the Center.

When Adelle began working for the Center, she was responsible for filing and entering all of the Center’s financial data both physically and digitally. In 2018, she was tasked with revising all of the Center’s training modules regarding financial record keeping, as her supervisor was impressed with how well she had filed and enter the Center’s information for the past two years. Adelle did this by transferring the training into Google Docs files, creating new links, and streamlining the training process by removing irrelevant information. Currently, Adelle is reconciling costs from projects that were completed anywhere between three months and fifteen years ago. She is also continuously training new financing employees on the various aspects of their duties.

After Adelle graduates, she plans on becoming a certified public accountant. Additionally, she hopes to find a job in finance that she both enjoys and feels challenged by.