High School and K-8 Students

The UMaine Composites Center offers in-classroom and on-campus opportunities for K-12 students. Click here to learn more.

Have you or your school toured our labs? We welcome youth groups of all sizes to join us on campus to gain perspective on the incredible STEM opportunities available at UMaine.

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Windstorm Challenge is a middle and high school science competition that promotes STEM, renewable energy, innovation, and economic development.

Undergraduate Students

The UMaine Composites Center typically employs over 100 undergraduate students per year from a wide variety of majors.

Undergraduate work experience provides an interdisciplinary, experiential learning environment where students are introduced to to issues of safety, regulation, cost efficiencies, project management, human relations, and leadership. Center undergraduates have opportunities to become full research partners including being named authors on journal articles, named inventors on patents, and attending national and international conferences and meetings.

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Graduate Students

Nearly 125 graduate students have been affiliated with the UMaine Composites Center since its opening in 2000. While most graduate students have been in civil engineering, forest resources or wood science, most recently, several have majored in a variety of programs such as economics, international trade and commerce, and business. Graduate students gain hands-on experience and professional training in research ethics, industrial safety, supervision and leadership, equipment operation, and ISO 17025 quality management. Graduate students are expected to become full research partners and are encouraged to develop professionally not only in the classroom but also through writing, conference presentations, networking with academic and industrial colleagues, and production of intellectual property.

A link to the graduate research webinar will be posted here; please check back, soon.

Featured Student Profiles