Successful 6-month Validation of DeepCLiDAR in the Northeast US

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Validation Testing Conclusions from AWS Truepower

“Based upon the results of this test, and cumulative results of the two previous phases, AWST concludes that the DeepCLiDAR meets the Carbon Trustís acceptance criteria, and is capable of accurately measuring wind speeds and directions across the range of meteorological and ocean conditions observed during the campaigns.

“Having successfully completed these validation exercises, the DeepCLiDAR has demonstrated a ‘Pre-commercial’ level of maturity. Sufficient performance data are now available to assess the systems uncertainty when operating in similar environmental conditions.

“AWST considers this system valid for use in an offshore wind resource and design condition assessment campaign in similar metocean conditions.”

DeepCLiDAR Performance

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High quality, low-cost offshore wind resource data:

DeepCLiDAR will help accelerate the development of the US offshore wind industry by providing the following: high quality, low-cost offshore wind resource data; metocean monitoring; and ecological characterization capabilities in remote marine environments.

Benefits of DeepCLiDAR:

  • Costs 1/10th of traditional meteorological towers for wind resource assessments
  • Can be deployed in virtually any water depth
  • Able to provide bankable wind speed data up to 200 meters above sea-level
  • Has a fully-integrated metocean sensor package that provides wave and current data
  • Offers an optional ecological monitoring sensor package for permitting efforts developed with the Biodiversity Research Institute

Technical Overview:

  • LiDAR: Windcube® Offshore, measures wind speed at 40 meter to 200 meter heights; GLGH Stage 3 acceptance for use in formal wind resource assessment campaigns
  • Other Sensor Packages: 
  1. Metocean: wave, wind, and current
  2. Ecological: acoustic, bird, bat, and fish
  • Hull Type and Construction: Aluminum, 3 meter discus buoy, fully seal welded with main central hatch for all data and power control electronics
  • Telemetry: GOES, CDMA/GSM, IRIDIUM
  • Mooring: 
  1. Shallow water: Chain with gravity anchor
  2. Deep water: Chain/wire/chain with gravity anchor
  • Power: System is autonomous, deployable for 1 year without regular maintenance

Press Coverage

UMaine’s DeepCLiDAR Ready for the Market,” October 27, 2016.

Meet First Floating LIDAR Buoy DeepCLiDAR,” Wind Power Engineering. October 27, 2016

DeepCLiDAR completes predeployment validation, available for commercial lease or purchase,” University of Maine News. October 26, 2016.

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3rd Party Validated


AWS Truepower validated DeepCLiDAR’s data recovery and measurement accuracy against Carbon Trust’s industry-standard performance criteria. With successful third-party validation complete, DeepCLiDAR is now available for commercial lease or purchase.

DeepCLiDAR is the first floating LiDAR buoy validated in the US providing bankable wind speed data at hub height, metocean data, and ecological monitoring services. Now available for commercial lease or purchase.