Quest Teichman

Quest is a Composites Technician originally from the Bangor-Brewer area. In October of 2018 Quest was hired as a Student Research Assistant. Quest assisted Peter Jalbert in operations of a 5-axis CNC machine developing models to be utilized in testing. Upon graduating, Quest took a role as a Composites Technician assisting the center and Global Secure Shipping in the manufacturing process of secure shipping containers.


The environment of the center as well as the knowledge and expertise of its workforce was what made Quest want to continue working here after graduating. Every day new cutting-edge technology is being developed adding to the satisfaction of his career. The growth of the center has added more resources to an already large pool of knowledge that Quest can continue to add to and take from.


Quest’s interests at the center are mainly in composites and the 3D printing capabilities it offers. Every new project at the center allows for growth in composite manufacturing for Quest as well as the students and other employees he works with.