Nickolas Tozier

Nick is a senior cyber and information security major from Monmouth, Maine who is attending the University of Maine at Fort Kent. He began working for the Advanced Structures and Composites Center in July of 2019 for Jonathan Bubier in the IT department. 


Nick likes the unique experience he gets from working at the Composites Center. He likes working in a “world-class facility working with brilliant minds.” He especially enjoys seeing all the new things that the center is capable of doing that would not have even been thought of 5 years ago, such as the ability to 3D print a boat.


Working at the Composites Center has provided various opportunities for Nick such as the ability to make connections. His work allows him to learn and understand a lot more that will assist him in his future job aspects. He has also been exposed to work and new technologies that other people his age would not be able to so early. 


Working for the IT department, Nick has had the chance to work with a lot of different people. A lot of his time in the center is spent prepping machines and fixing issues that people have.  


After Nick finishes his degree, he plans on getting a job in some form of cybersecurity analyst work.


Nick would tell anyone looking to work at the center that it is a great place to work. He has found that new projects are always looking for new student workers. Working at the Composites Center exposes a student to a lot of different things and new people that can provide valuable knowledge for the future.