Murtada Alrubaie

Advisors: Dr. Douglas Gardner & Dr. Roberto Lopez-Anido


Development of Structural Wood Plastic Composites Timber for Innovative Marine Application


B.S Civil Engineering- University of Basrah, Iraq, 2005

M.S Structural Engineering and Constructions- Universiti Putra Malaysia, 2010

Ph.D. Civil and Environmental Engineering- University of Maine, PRESENT

Bio & Research Interests

I am originally from Iraq, a city called Maysan (Amarah), 365 km south of the capital city, Baghdad. My native language is Arabic. After my B.S degree, I worked three years mostly as a site and consultant civil engineer in local construction corporations. In late 2007, as a preparation to pursue my graduate studies overseas, I traveled to New Delhi, India and I took a training course for six months at an institute called Inlingua, to improve my academic and technical writing in the English language. After completing my M.S degree from Malaysia, I worked in Iraq, as a designer and consultant engineer in four different places three of which were international petroleum and construction companies, and the fourth was a non-profit global organization. The University of Maysan opened a College of Engineering and the Department of Civil Engineering was one of the departments where faculty member positions arose. I had the opportunity to work as assistant lecturer and I taught two courses- Computational Programming and Calculus I.

I am a Ph.D. student in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Maine, and my work focuses on the development of the structural wood plastic composites timber to be used in marine application. The work will include an evaluation of the structural performance of the structural wood plastic composites due to the effect of the marine environment and compare that with the predicted model in order to have a better understanding of the long-term structural behavior of the wood plastic composites in such environments.

Being a Ph.D. student here at the University of Maine, especially at the Advanced Structures and Composite Center is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for every researcher, due to its capabilities that enable the researcher to conduct high-quality research, especially in the field of non-conventional materials (Composite Materials). After finishing my Ph.D. program here at the University of Maine, I would like to go back and work in the University of Maysan, to share and implement the knowledge that I gained during my stay here.

Memberships, Honors, Awards

  • Member of Iraqi Engineers Syndicate, Maysan branch.
  • Member of Iraqi Engineers Association, Baghdad branch.