Lucas Shorette

Lucas is a construction engineering technology major from Old Town, Maine. He began working at the Advanced Structures and Composites Center in June of 2015 for Christopher Urquhart as a student research assistant. He began working for Shawn Sewall in January of 2020.


Lucas likes that the Composites Center is a workplace where he gets to work through tasks that he wouldn’t normally be able to get experience in. He finds the Composites Center to be a great learning experience.


Through working at the center, Lucas has had the opportunity to make connections with people not only in the center but also out in the professional field. These connections are valuable and could be very useful to Lucas after he graduates. 


After Lucas graduates, he plans on working for a company and working with construction engineering. As of now, he is unsure whether his focus will be in infrastructure or buildings. 


Working during the school year, Lucas found that the Composites Center is very helpful in working around classes. Whether a student has a class or needs more time to study, the center is very helpful in working around a student’s school time. They are very understanding and recognize that school should come before work.