Dr. Anthony Viselli, P.E.

Ph.D., Civil/Structural Engineering, University of Maine 2014

M.S., Civil/Structural Engineering, University of Maine, 2008

B.S., Civil Engineering, University of Maine, 2006

Anthony Viselli CV


Dr. Anthony Viselli, P.E., is the manager of offshore model testing and structural design at the University of Maine Advanced Structures and Composites Center. Dr. Viselli has over thirteen years of experience in the research, design, testing, and construction of innovative structures.

Dr. Viselli currently leads design efforts for the Centers offshore structure design programs as well as the new Alfond W2 Ocean Engineering Laboratory in the Composites Center. Dr. Viselli has helped to develop several showcase programs at the Composites Center, including:

  • Secure hybrid steel-composite marine freight containers with funding from the Department of Homeland Security
  • The VolturnUS concrete floating foundation technology for offshore wind turbines funded by the US Department of Energy (DOE) and the State of Maine
  • Light-weight composite towers for floating offshore wind turbines funded by the DOE,
  • Rapidly deployable composite/concrete land-based wind turbine towers
  • The DeepCLiDAR buoy funded by the Maine Technology Institute and DOE.

Dr. Viselli acted as lead design engineer in each of these programs and generated numerous publications and patents related to this work. Through this work, Dr. Viselli has helped to bring over twenty million dollars of R&D funding to the Composites Center.

Dr. Viselli received his doctorate from the University of Maine in Civil Engineering with a focus in offshore structures. His dissertation was titled, “Model Test of a 1:8 Scale Floating Wind Turbine Offshore in the Gulf of Maine,” which resulted in the design, fabrication, and testing of the first grid-connected offshore wind turbine in the United States.

Dr. Viselli’s technical expertise includes:

  • Offshore structure designs constructed from concrete and steel
  • Analysis of metocean data collected in the Gulf of Maine to support offshore structure design
  • Pre-stressed concrete design
  • Steel design
  • Wood design
  • Composite structure design and analysis
  • Advanced structural analysis
  • Finite element analysis
  • Composite manufacturing
  • Structural testing.
  • Model testing