Alexander Cole

Alexander Cole is a Research Engineer with more than seven years of experience at the Advanced Structures & Composites Center. Alex is highly proficient in rapid CAD modeling for both solid and surface parametric models.

He has worked on a large array of projects over his time at the Center to include the design and modeling of prototype composite members, modeling and prints of latest expansion where the Alfond Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory for Structural Thermoplastics is housed, structural design of large-scale equipment in the Alfond W2 Ocean Engineering Laboratory, and some static structural finite element modeling.

Currently, Alex is focusing is on rapid re-engineering, from 3D scanning a component to surface model to developing models and prints for the tooling needed to produce it. His newest area of research is in developments of Computational Fluid Dynamic Finite Element Analysis using PAMFORM. This allows the ability to eliminate expensive trial runs and identify proper stamp forming process parameters before a single part is formed.