Polymer and Interface Science Lab


  • Sample fabrication for material property characterization.
  • Equipment for producing hybrid blends of polymer melts and liquid suspensions with different nano- to millimeter-scale fillers.
  • Thermal, rheological, and static/dynamic-mechanical analysis.

This laboratory contains equipment for producing hybrid blends of polymer melts and liquid suspensions with different functional fillers of nano- to millimeter-scale size and to fabricate samples for material property characterization. Thermal, rheological, static/dynamic-mechanical, and physical properties of polymeric materials can be analyzed in the polymer lab. Surface characterization for wood and polymers can be also performed by measurements of contact angle and surface energy. The degree of cure and adhesive properties of thermosetting-polymers can be analyzed using thermal and mechanical properties.


Photo of Cahn DCA-322 Dynamic Contact Angle Analyzer.Cahn DCA-322 Dynamic Contact Angle Analyzer

Assesses adhesion compatibility of materials and measures advancing and receding contact angles to assess surface energies of liquid and solid samples.





Photo of HP 6850 Series Gas Chromatograph System.HP 6850 Series Gas Chromatograph System

Determines and quantifies various organic compounds in different solutions.





Photo of brookfield dvi-i viscometerBrookfield DV-I Viscometer

Determines viscosity of adhesives.






Photo of Perkin-Elmer Pyris 1 CalorimeterPerkin-Elmer Pyris 1 Calorimeter

Computer-controlled, temperature range of -170 °C to 750 °C, linear heating and cooling rates from 0.1 °C/min to 500 °C/min, high-pressure cell, isothermal and modulated modes, 24-sample robot arm. DSC is used to determine degree of cure, curing temperature, specific heat capacity, glass transition temperature, and melting temperature.




Photo of Isotemp Programmable Forced-Draft FurnaceIsotemp Programmable Forced-Draft Furnace

Variable temperature control to maximum 1125°C (2057°F).





Photo of SSI Sunshine Gel Time MeterSSI Sunshine Gel-Time Meter

For the determination of gel rate of adhesives.






Photo of VWR Refrigered CirculatorVWR Refrigerated Circulator Model 1197

Provides extended cooling down to a temperature of -45°C with a large 13 liter reservoir. Ideal for direct immersion of samples as well as circulating temperature-controlled fluid.