Materials Manufacturing Science Lab


  • Pilot- or full-scale prototypes manufacturing.
  • Variety of composites processes and curing methods.

The Materials Manufacturing Science Laboratory is a facility for composite materials product and process development. Pilot- or full-scale prototypes of beams, girders, panels, pipes, connections and other products can be manufactured to develop new products or to optimize existing product lines. A variety of composites processes and curing methods are available.


4’  x  8’  Erie Mill & Press

1800 ton hydraulic press (provides 725 psi on a full sized 52”x100” mat). The press is PLC controlled, with complete data collection for printout of press scheduling data and graphs. The press can be controlled in either position (to within 0.003”) or pressure control (within 2 psi). Energy is provided either by hot oil (up to 500ºF) heated platens or radio frequency (10 kV, 30 kW Thermex-Thermatron system).

Photo of 4' x 8' Erie Mill & Press.