Alfond Advanced Manufacturing Lab For Structural Thermoplastics

Transportation System

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The advanced manufacturing laboratory is comprised of a tape layup cell, thermoforming cell, post-processing cell and 3D printing system, all of which require a robust transportation system. In effort to increase safety in the workplace and reduce manufacturing cycle times, industrial robots are seen more and more in advanced manufacturing applications. Rapid transportation of raw thermoplastic materials, such as tailored blanks, and final products is accomplished through the use of our 6-axis ABB IRB 6650S Industrial Robot mounted on a laboratory-long rail system.


IRB 6650S Industrial Robot – ABB

This 125-kg capacity industrial robot is installed on a trolley that travels on rails, permitting it to traverse from cell to cell. The robot is equipped with a quick tool changer, that enables an automated and fast connection to several compatible end-of-arm-tools. The industrial robot is easily customized and can also be fitted with made-in-house tooling to fit the needs of current manufacturing challenges.

Unique solutions for pre-form manipulation are designed in the tool head and allow for smooth handling of both raw and processed materials. The IRB 6650S utilizes a manipulator tool head with 15 suction cups that provide up to 7-bar (102 psi) of suction for seamless part transport.