Alfond Advanced Manufacturing Lab For Structural Thermoplastics

Laboratory Overview

The mission of this lab is to increase the market prevalence of structural thermoplastics through the demonstration of automated, advanced manufacturing techniques.

The Alfond Advanced Manufacturing Lab was developed to facilitate research in long-fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites. Click here to learn more.

Partner With Us

We work with corporations, government agencies, and academic institutions of all sizes to partner on research, development, and commercialization projects, such as:

  • Process and tooling development
  • Proof of concept demonstration and economic analysis
  • Substituting thermosets and metals for thermoplastics
  • Joint U.S. research and development funding opportunities
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • ASTM Material and Structural Testing
  • Long-Fiber Thermoplastic Forming Simulations via PAMFORM

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