Request a Tour of Our Facility


We welcome individuals or groups to tour our facility, which is located on the University of Maine flagship campus in Orono, Maine.

To schedule a tour, please fill out the form below. The Center is a secure facility and because of this there are strict security protocols to follow – this is why we ask for detailed answers and require a minimum of 5 business days advance notice of a tour.

Please be sure to have a current photo ID with you.

Tours are provided during regular business hours, Monday through Friday.

If you do not receive an email confirming your tour request within 1 business day of submission, please call our front office team at 207-581-2123 to ensure the request was received.

Tour Request Form

  • Full Legal Name
  • Any changes not reported prior to the day of the tour will cause delays or a cancellation of your tour. The maximum group size is 15. Groups larger than 15 will be divided into separate groups.
  • What is your preferred date for a tour of our facility?
  • Can you provide us with one backup date in the event the preferred date is not available?
  • Please specify AM or PM
  • Please provide your best guess for the average age of your group.
  • Please identify the visitor(s) area of interest, if any. These stops/research areas will be highlighted on the tour.