Alumni Profile: Tony Dumais

Degrees:Photo of Tony Dumais

BS Civil & Environmental Engineering, 2006

MS Civil & Environmental Engineering, 2008

Occupation: Senior Project Manager at Casco Bay Engineering

Research Interests: Static loading testing

Advisor: Dr. Habib Dagher



Tony is a senior project manager from Presque Isle, Maine who works at Casco Bay Engineering in Portland, Maine. He graduated with his master’s degree in civil and environmental engineering in 2008 at UMaine. Tony first found out about the Advanced Structures and Composites Center during a class with Dr. Dana Humphrey, wherein Humphrey informed his students about the Center as a way to work on campus between classes.

In regards to why he joined the Center, Tony explained, “I knew I wanted to concentrate on structural engineering and enjoyed building things, so it was a good way to combine the two interests.” When Tony was asked if he would recommend the Center to engineering students who are looking either for a place to intern or perform their graduate research, he said:

“Absolutely. During my time there, it was a great place to work and exposed young engineering students to aspects of the industry that you can’t get by sitting in a classroom.”

Tony’s work at the Center was the Composite Blast Resistant Wood Construction project, which sought to create a quickly deployable structure that could protect its user from blasts. According to Tony, his time at the Center helped him grow immensely, as his “leadership skills, communication skills, and ability to work under pressure all improved.” Additionally, Tony enjoyed managing his team of undergraduates as well as the “hands-on approach” that was encouraged by faculty during the research and development process. Tony also feels that the Center helped him obtain his first post-graduation job, as the Center paid for his master’s degree, which he said, “elevated my resume above others.”

As was previously mentioned, Tony now works as a senior project manager at Casco Bay Engineering, and he has said that his time with the Center adequately prepared him for it. Currently, Tony is working on the $1.5 billion expansion of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City and new Athletic Facility in Andover, Massachusetts. Tony’s current goal is to pass the 16 hour SE exam, and later in his career, he hopes to “continue to teach younger engineers project management and engineering skills.”