Alumni Profile: Peter Drown

Degrees:Photo of Peter Drown

BS Science – Economics, 2012

MBA Finance, 2013

Occupation: Manager for Strategy and Business Development at Recurrent Innovative Solutions

Research Interests: Renewable energy, energy finance, water supply and management

Advisors: Dr. Mario Teisl and Dr. George Criner, School of Economics


Peter Drown is a University of Maine graduate from Villa Park, Illinois. He graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science, Economics and got his M.B.A. of Finance in 2013. Peter came to find out about the Center after a friend had mentioned it to him. At the time, Peter was reading a book on a solution to climate and economic problems known as clean energy technology. Having started his degree at UMaine right before the economic crash of 2008, he saw what clean energy technology could do. Once Peter heard about the Center’s offshore wind project, he decided that he wanted to join it.

While with the Center, Peter was able to improve his skills in technical writing, professional communication, analytical thinking, and cost and financial modeling skills. He enjoyed being consistently exposed to new ideas that the Center was developing with manufacturing and testing. The constant flood of innovations and solutions for infrastructure, energy, and defense challenges drew Peter into the Center.

“I enjoyed applying my business and economic modeling skills, building and fine-tuning cost models, and identifying financing strategies for the offshore wind project,” Peter stated.

Peter has nothing but praise for the Center. He has said if an engineering student were to intern at the Center, it would be “the best career decision they could make,” and that “The Center was the reason I got my first job after graduation.” Peter elaborated with the following:

“When a Department of Energy (DOE) official came to visit the offshore wind project, I was chosen to drive him from a hotel to project sites,” Drown explained. “He discussed opportunities working with the DOE Wind and Water Power Program. . . When I interviewed with a DOE contractor, I was able to obtain a position as a Technical Research Analyst partially because I already knew much about the DOE and relevant R&D from my experience at the Center. It was a perfect fit, but one I never would have been selected for if I hadn’t had direct project experience at the Center.”

Now Peter works for Recurrent Innovative Solutions as the manager for strategy and business development. The company designs and implements deep energy retrofits from commercial and industrial use. He’s currently working to reduced energy consumption of customers throughout the DMV region and exploring ways to help buildings contribute to the reliability of the power grid.

As for his current goals, Peter expressed wanting to help improve the use of sustainable technologies, and said the following:

“I would like to help revitalize cities, towns, and regions through sustainability solutions. We have the set of tools today – technical and financial – to improve human living conditions and standards of living while reducing environmental impact. Many in the working class have been left behind by the recovery and period of economic success over the past decade. I would like to help deploy capital and sustainable technologies to improve the prospects of these folks.”