Alumni Profile: Kenneth Fortier

Kenneth Fortier profile photoDegree:

BS Civil Engineering, 2005

MS Civil Engineering, 2007

Occupation: Engineering Manager for Overhead Transmission Lines Group, POWER Engineers, Inc

Research Interests: Applications of Maine wood products in relation to overhead transmission lines

Advisor: Dr. Habib Dagher



Kenneth is an engineering manager from Ellsworth, Maine who graduated at UMaine with a master’s degree in Civil Engineering. While he was an undergraduate, Kenneth learned about the Advanced Structures and Composites Center through a graduate student. This motivated Kenneth into getting a position with the Center, and he was employed by the Center after he graduated with bachelor’s degree in 2005.

During his time at the Center, Kenneth led several teams on projects, which he believes helped prepare him for his current work. Kenneth cites his interactions with his teammates as his favorite aspect of his time with the Center.

He also has said that his time with the Center aided him in gaining his first and current job after his graduation, as a civil engineering consultant reached out to him and offered him a position with POWER Engineers. When Kenneth was asked if he would recommend the Center to engineering students, he said the following:

“Absolutely. The AEWC fosters your ability to innovate, which is a critical skill for engineers to succeed today and in the future, especially in leadership roles.”

Currently, Kenneth is leading projects throughout New England, West Virginia, Minnesota, and Texas. The more recent projects he takes pride in are the Maine Power Reliability Program, the Kanawha Valley Transmission Project in West Virginia, and the Norwalk Bridge Replacement Project in Connecticut. In the future, Kenneth hopes to mentor engineering students and new engineers, and would like to take larger leadership roles at POWER Engineers.