Alumni Profile: Heather Martin

Degrees:Photo of Heather Martin

BS Civil Engineering, 2009

MS Civil Engineering, 2011

Occupation: Assistant Project Manager for Consigli Construction Co., Inc.

Research Interests: The testing and development of floating wind turbines

Advisor: Eric Landis and Andy Goupee



Heather is an Assistant Project Manager for Consigli Construction from Caribou, Maine. She graduated with her master’s in civil engineering, with a concentration in structures, from the University of Maine in 2011. While she was conducting her graduate research, Heather was approached by Doctor Habib Dagher, the director of the Advanced Structures and Composites Center (the Center). Dr. Dagher offered Heather the position of a graduate research assistant for the Center, and she accepted.

Heather enjoyed her time at the Center thanks to her interactions with the people working there and the access she had to new technology. Heather also found that her time at the Center helped her develop numerous skills, the most notable of which regards her ability to delegate. As a graduate research assistant, Heather managed a team of undergraduate students, which she feels has prepared her for her current occupation.

“Construction is fast paced, just like my experience at the lab, and there is always work to be done and too much for one person to do,” Heather explained. “Delegation and learning how to solve complex problems and communicate with other workers are skills I certainly developed at the Center.”

Additionally, Heather has said that her time with the Center helped her obtain her current job, as she stated:

“My project was unique as it had high PR and I was exposed to many people in the industry. This exposure and good recommendations from my professors and staff at the center helped me get my first position.”

Currently, Heather is managing the construction of the Maine Medical Center’s new employee parking garage in Portland, Maine. The garage is 800,000 square feet, made from precast concrete, and will be the largest garage north of Boston once it is completed. Heather’s future goals involve helping to create, build, and renovate spaces that are frequently used and essential to society (i.e. schools, libraries, court houses, hospitals, etc).