Alumni Profile: Garrett Luszczki

Photo of Garrett LuszczkiDegrees:

BS Civil Engineering, 2010

MS Civil Engineering, 2012

Occupation: Transmission Line Engineer at TRC Companies

Research Interests: Fiberglass composite applications and concrete / wood design

Advisor: Roberto Lopez-Anido and Bill Davids



Garrett Luszczki is a transmission line engineer from Augusta who graduated with his master’s degree in civil engineering at UMaine in 2012. During his time on campus, Garrett worked for the Advanced Structures and Composites Center as an undergraduate and graduate student.

During his time at the Center, Garrett worked on two projects; the modular ballistic blast panels and wood-based composite blast building, both of which were for the army. These projects, as well as being able to see the other work being conducted, was what Garrett enjoyed the most about the Center. Garrett explained that he gained several skills by working at the Center with the following:

“I would say the Center is the first place I was freely given a task with the responsibility to oversee the task and any individuals working with me to ensure it was completed on-time. It was an introduction to the real-world for planning and executing much larger projects.”

When he was asked if the Center helped him obtain his first job after he graduated, Garrett said, “It was certainly a resume builder and an interesting discussion topic in my interviews. . . It had a large impact personally in my development of project planning and execution skills.” Garrett also said that he would recommend the Center to engineering students, and he added, “I think that all students should see the ‘applied’ side of engineering and the Center is a great place to put paper designs into reality.”

Currently, Garrett is working as the lead engineer for TRC on several large scale transmission line maintenance projects throughout the northeast, as well as a fast-paced underground transmission line project in southern Connecticut. Garrett hopes to eventually gain an engineering manager position at TRC.