Alumni Profile: Jake Marquis, P.E.

marquisJake Marquis, P.E., started at the University of Maine’s Advanced Structures and Composites Center in 2007 as a Senior Research Engineer. Previously, as a student at UMaine, Jake had taken Director Dagher’s reinforced concrete and timber design classes, which piqued his interest in the Center’s research. During his time with the Center, Jake filled several important roles, including conducting industrial testing, working with local boat builders, and researching composite materials.

Eventually, Jake’s role at the Center expanded and he became the Program Manager for the Office of Naval Research Projects. In his new role, Jake handled finite element modeling, testing, and non-destructive inspection. He also worked on early development of the Offshore Wind Laboratory, leading the effort to write the original grant and working on the building committee.

In 2011, Jake took a job as Senior Project Engineer at Kenway Corporation. In his current role, he handles a wide variety of tasks ranging from project design and management to quality control.

Jake still draws upon his experiences at the Center in his new position, and he said the following:

“In my time at UMaine, between the clients and vendors I dealt with, the training I received, and the conferences that I attended, I developed a pretty comprehensive network and that has followed me to my current job and helped me be more effective.”