Alumni Profile: Heather Hayes

Degree: Civil and Environmental Engineer

Occupation: Structural Engineer at James W. Sewall Company

Research Interest: Using composites for infrastructure needs, wind power, and improving community mobility and urban development

Advisor: Bill Davids and Roberto Lopez-Anido

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Heather Hayes is from Lisbon Falls, Maine and graduated from the University of Maine in 2011 and finished her master’s program in 2013. She had found out about the center from a few of her civil engineering classmates. They had been talking about the projects they were working on at the center and that had gotten Hayes interested in the center.

During her time with the center, Hayes worked for a graduate student on the Bridge in a Backpack project. Hayes enjoyed the enthusiasm and passion of her co-workers and peers at the center regarding their work. She always found the projects to be fun and rewarding work and enjoyed discussing the projects with those outside of the center. The time spent at the center helped her improve her skills with project management and technical writing. Hayes was able to learn new skills in relation to engineering and construction field.

Hayes currently works at James W. Sewall Company as a structural engineer. As of now, some of her ongoing projects include pavement management for Walmart, verification projects with natural gas companies, and traffic work that stretches over the entire state of Maine. She believes the center helped prepare her for this position as she learned valuable lessons in being dynamic and working hard for what she wants while working with the center.

Moving forward, Hayes strives to do her part in helping the James W. Sewall Company become a successful company in Transportation Infrastructure markets. She also hopes to build up the engineering department and keep delivering quality projects in the community.