Alumni Profile: Eulan Patterson


Eulan Patterson’s career at the Advanced Structures and Composites Center began with his involvement on the Maine Secure Composites – Anti-Theft Composite Cargo Containers. Eulan was a sophomore in the Mechanical Engineering Program, working in the RICoR Lab. He helped in the manufacturing of the composite panels which were integral to the full-scale shipping container.

Eulan enjoyed his work and soon became involved in the Offshore Wind project. He was a team member for two years, doing research on wind power development, as well as working on testing the 1:50 scale model of the floating turbine. Eulan also participated in educational outreach regarding the offshore wind program through his role in Windstorm challenge.

Eulan’s favorite part of working at the UMaine Composites Center was guiding a model from a simple draft on paper to a physical design, such as drafting the 1:50th scale of the floating turbine, and then creating the physical model. He currently works at SGC Engineering as an electrical engineer, where he focuses on substation protection and controls design. The Center prepared him well for his career in engineering by giving him a fuller understanding of how the various fields within engineering interact in the real world, and this helped him find the career which fit him the best.